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Nashville Medical Spa

Our number one goal is to make sure every one of our patients gets the best service and leaves happy after every single visit!

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Customized Wellness Solutions:

One size does not fit everyone. Our facility offers a day spa type experience with a focus on wellness and health. Our services are based on sciences and treated as medical procedures.

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Our goal is to make sure you leave with a smile on your face!

Our staff is doctor supervised and professionally certified to perform all our services and operate and maintain the equipment with precision!

- John Bryant, Medical Doctor

Nashville Medical Spa

We pride ourselves with using the latest technology.
Our spa is one of the most luxious in the country. Comfort is our business.

Laser Hair Removal

Pulses of light are used to destroy hair follicles. Several wavelengths of laser energy are required. One treatment won't target all hair life cycles.

Varicose Vein Removal

Using radio frequency and practiced safely over the last twenty years. Perfect for treating smaller spider veins after larger varicose veins removal.

Body Sculpting

A safe non-invasive alternative to liposuction that literally freezes fat and melts it off your body. Very quick and safe.

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo particles are too large for the body to naturally remove. Laser treatment breaks up these particles so they are small enough for the body to remove them.

Photo Facial

Quick 30 minute procedure that uses intense light pulses to penetrate the skin to stimulate collagen and blood vessels to reduce age lines.

Skin Tightening

Nonsurgical procedure that uses an aesthetic technique to heat tissue and stimulate sub-dermal collagen and elastin production.

Our Team

We believe people are as important as process. Meet our team and find out why our service is loved by so many past patients.

Our Services

All programs are customized by a doctor specifically to meet you individual needs!

Botox and Anti-aging treatments

Get rid of crows feet and forehead wrinkles. Works in about two to four days and can last up to six months

Chemical Peels

Gets rid of sun damage and acne scars or facial blemishes. This is a chemical solution applied by a doctor that produces new regenerated skin.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser technology that paralyzes hair follicles and prevents hair growth. This process requires a few treatments to combat hair growth cycles.

Body Sculpting

Non-invasive body contouring procedures are a safe and painless alternative to liposuction which offer amazing non surgery results.

Medical Weightloss Programs

Doctor supervised medically approved weight loss programs that ignore the latest fade and focus on real science that offer higher success rates.

The goal is skin rejuvenation using the most clinically proven products and procedures in the industry. Both preventive and repair methods are used. The process starts with an assessment. We analyze and evaluate your skin. Then a recommend treatment stategy is customized for your specific needs.

Your treatment is administered with special attention on educating patients on the process and how it works and why we recommend it. After the service we always follow up to examine your progress and listen to your feedback before we move on to the follow up procedures. Not all treatments require follow up but in some cases they are necessary.

Injectables are products such as Botox and dermal fillers. They are used to restore volume especially to the face. Common uses are plumping the lips, softening wrinkles and adding contour to the face. Useful also for scars. They are particularly useful in delaying the time until an actual facelift is needed.

Dermal fillers typically last for six months to two years. There are risks of lumping or movement and allergic reactions. Synthetic fillers last longer and are considered semi-permanent. This is due to the fact that faces continue to age no mater which type of injectable used. We use only high quality products but more importantly we have mastered our technique to deliver fantastic results.

Lasers are medical devices used for medical procedures. Even though they are an alternative to invasive operations they are still medical equipment and need to be treated as such. Even thought we use the word spa every treatment is performed with the same standards and practices of a medical procedure.

We look at the term spa because of our focus on providing a luxurious relaxing environment. Don't be mislead lasers are medical instruments and are always used as such here. There is over twenty years of clinical research behind the technology and the results are spectacular when performed properly.

Facials are performed by experienced and certified Estheticians. All acupuncturist have trained with Oriental Medicine specialists and learned clean needle technique and are certified by Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Hair and nail services are not currently offered.

Massages, facials and acupuncture performed by a medically supervised staff. We take pride in offering medical grade massage services in 20 different modalities. Our masseuses will evaluate your specific needs and make suggestions based on which service will provide you the most relief and give you the most relaxing experience.


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Have a look at some of our work

Laser Therapy for Pain

Uses low wave lengths of light to stimulate tissue and accelerate healing.

Photo Facial

Light technology that stimulate collagen to treat brown spots.

Body Contouring

Removes fat and skin for smoother contours without surgery.

Skin Tightening

Fights aging by stimulating collagen and regenerating skin.

Skin Resurfacing

Helps get rid of lines and wrinkles using laser technology.


Filler for the nose and corners of mouth to get rid of facial folds.


Ideal for the upper third of the face causes muscles to relax.

Laser Hair Removal

Alternative to shaving, waxing and tweezing to remove unwanted hair.

What our Patients say


Health and Wellness Tips

Some Thoughts About Hunger

by Gretchen Reynolds on Sept 8, 2016

The brain has little capacity to store energy. Research has shown after highly focused mental activity it's natural to snack. A good solution is to follow these situations with exercise. Plan a trip to the gym immediately following work or school. Try to fit activity in after low physical energy activities when it's not yet meal time.

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Upscale Beauty Business Growth

by Sarah Halzack on March 30, 2016

Local malls around America might be suffering from sagging sales but high end beauty retailers have reported huge gains. Retailers such as Ulta and Sephora are reporting huge sales growth. Department stores are rolling out kiosks and expanding their lineups of high end skincare and beauty products.

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Are Stem Cells The Next Big Thing?

by Brent Schrotenboer on Sept 1, 2015

A new lotion from Lifeline skincare has been created for the face that contains water, sunflower oil and stem cells. The stem cell's are taken from peptides of human donated eggs. Other companies with similar products are produced from plant stem cells.

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The Skincare Product Celebrities Love

by Yahoo Beauty on March 23, 2015

One thing Cameron Diaz, and Jessica Biel have in common is they both rave about the products from a little Hungarian skincare manufacture. In 1958 from a little village the goal was to use the best and highest concentrations of all organic products. The goal is to harnessing the natural powers of local herbs and produce.

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Protect Your Skin Using Natural Barriers

by Hillary Peterson on July 5, 2016

Your skins natural defense against damage using a lipid bilayer to protect against sun, cold and wind. The truth is this natural barrier is more effective than any product at fending off environmental irritants. The trick is to make sure you take care of it so it works at peak efficiency. The best way to do this is by making sure the skin is hydrated.

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The Juice Detox

by JuicepressoUSA on May 23, 2014

One of the biggest reasons to juice is that cold pressed with all natural fruits and vegetables are loaded with antioxidant. This is one of the most common ingredients in skincare products. Why not get that naturally by consuming foods that work to lower inflammation, which in turn helps keep your skin young.

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